About this Project

Knights of Academia is a Discord community dedicated to self-improvement and growth, with the mantra of "Better yourself, better your world." The group has spaces dedicated to mental health, academics, art, STEM, and more.

I began working for KOA in September 2019, helping to facilitate their website redesign. Following a series of wireframes provided to me, I was able to create fantastic looking home, news, and other various pages. The new site hosts community news, various links/resources, and is moving towards new dynamic lists for the Book of the Month and Challenge of the Week programs the group runs.

After working on the KOA website, I joined the team as a full software engineer on the Horace project - a custom Discord bot built for KOA's special needs and functions. I spent around 8 months in the position of Head of R&D, managing a team of up to a dozen developers managing the various projects.

As of 2021, I continue to work as a Guardian of KOA (moderating chat channels and enforcing rules) as well as maintaining the Horace Github repository from time to time.

Tech Stack