With some new additions to my amateur radio shack, I thought I’d post some photos of the space and talk about my plans for the immediate future in radio.

Image of all my amateur radio transceivers

Starting off with my handhelds atop the power supply, I use my Yaesu FT-65R almost daily. I enjoy using it to check-in with local nets for ARES and my local club, as well as monitor my closest repeaters. Still trying to work off that local mic fright, but I have a feeling once I get more comfortable with my ARES crew that’ll be a lot easier. Next to it, I have my Radioditty GD-77 for DMR. I love spending time on Brandmeister talkgroups with people from around the world. It’s a fun way to stay engaged with the amateur radio community as a whole while only being a technician! Not pictured is my custom PiStar hotspot attached to my wall, running Brandmeister and a private DMR network for experiementing.

Also not pictured is my mobile radio setup. I have a TRAM Mag Mount antenna for 2m and 70cm mounted on my car’s trunk and the coax routed in through my rear seats. On the end of the coax I have a BNC adapter hooked up, typically with a Baofeng UV-5R attached in the car but can also be quickly attached to my FT-65R. I’m currently searching for a better mobile setup, but for monitoring repeaters on the go it does a great job.

My new addition to the shack is the base station tranceiver pictured in the photo. It is an Icom IC-737 connected to an ASTRON RS-20A power supply. The 737 is my first step into HF communications while I study for my general class license.

My plans for the immediate future in ham radio consist of:

  • Finish the in-progress 2m Yagi antenna
  • Get an HF antenna and listen in on an HF net
  • Explore Emergency Communications in-depth for my Capstone project