If you’ve stumbled upon this page, you’re probably here for a few various reasons: you made a QSO with me on the air, you found my site and are interested in what amateur radio is, or you read one of my blog posts on ham radio.

I’m a Technician class amateur operator, callsign KO4JZT. Licensed in 2020, I have an interest in many facets of radio: DMR, satellite communications, and HF/DXing.

Interests in Radio


I enjoy working with DMR and other digital modes! My current setup for DMR is a Radioddity GD-77 running the OpenGD77 firmware and a custom-built Pi-Star hotspot.

You can typically catch me in Brandmeister talkgroups 98638 and 31621. I typically check-in at the weekly Ham Radio Village net at 8pm CT Tuesday nights on TG98638.

My upcoming goals in DMR and digital voice are:

  • Upgrade to the Anytone 878 radio for DMR
  • Get more radios for operating other modes (D-Star, YSF)
  • Build my own small-scale DMR network


Working stations all over the world on Satellite passes with VHF/UHF seems very intriguing to me! At the moment, I am working on building up the capability to work satellites - if you’ve stumbled on this page after working me on a satellite let me know to update it!

I currently listen to satellites with a Baofeng UV-5R and a DIY tape measure yagi antenna built for 2m. I’m looking to get a Duplex setup going and then move to making contacts if possible!


As of last updating this page - I am studying for my General class license and trying to get my hands on an HF station. Once I move to HF, I plan on trying to make many long distance contacts over SSB Voice, FT8, and JS8Call.

Below will be an updated count of my progress towards various awards! Hopefully I will soon be able to automate this.

  • Worked All Continents - 0/6
  • Worked All States - 0/50
  • DXCC - 0/100

My Equipment

  • Baofeng UV-5R w/ Super Elastic Signal Stick Antenna
  • Radioddity GD-77 w/ Nagoya NA-771 Antenna
  • Random Mag-Mount Mobile Antenna on Car with BNC Connector for any Radio
  • Custom Build Pi-Star DMR Hotspot

Blog Posts

Below are my most recent blog posts specific to amateur radio - check them out here or at the amateur radio category, or at my general blog page.