👋 Hi there, I’m Colin/Bender.

Full-Stack Software Engineer + Serial Hobbiest

I’m all of the following things in this world:

  • Freelance Developer (Wordpress, Node.js, misc. projects)
  • Amateur Radio Operator
  • Really Bad Guitarist
  • Life-long learner
  • Nerd about the following: 3d printing, devops, NBC’s Chuck, productivity, psychology

At the moment - I’m working 100% freelance on projects involving the web. Wordpress, Node.js, Jekyll, you name it. If you want to work with me, feel free to shoot me an email over at colin [at] cpdev [dot] me.

📻 Amateur Radio

You might be wondering, what does KO4JZT mean? It’s my amateur radio callsign - licensed as of December 2020. If you’re a ham too, feel free to try and make a contact with me!

I also write about my projects in amateur radio, from building my shack, exploring new modes, and more! Check out my blog posts on amateur radio here.